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We believe in a better world

At good light we’ve made a commitment to be as sustainable as possible with our formulas and our packaging. Why? Because this is good for our world, for you, for us, and for the people of tomorrow.

As easy as one-two-three

We are doing our best to source innovative ways for regenerating our product packaging, and making it as easy as possible for you to recycle our products in three simple steps:

Step 1:

You’ve gotten through your product – congratulations! Make sure the packaging is clean of any product excess, and that the boxe(s) are flattened

Step 2:

Check what can be recycled in your city -- every city handles recycling differently, so make sure you have all the details on your city's policy before sorting your recyclables.

Step 3:

Drop off your recyclable materials in the proper bins – if your building or neighborhood doesn’t separate garbage, there are lots of recycling drop-off points that you should be able to easily access.

Now, let’s get down to details

Here are all the materials used to create our products. Each number is a resin identification code, which recycling plants use to identify the types of plastic and how they should be processed.

  • Tube: Mixed materials (plastic resin code #7
  • Cap: PP Polypropylene #5
  • Bottle: PP: Glass #71
  • Cap: PP Polypropylene #5
  • Plug: PP Polypropylene #5
  • Bottle: PP Polypropylene #5
  • Cap: PP Polypropylene #5

Carbon neutral mission

We are actively working on ways to reduce and offset our carbon footprint by taking steps to become completely carbon neutral. Stay tuned to hear about our progress!

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