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good light, from the beauty website Very Good Light, is a personal care brand that believes in beauty beyond the binary.

Developed by David Yi, and informed by the Very Good Light community, good light creates highly efficacious, yet gentle personal care products that are for all people regardless of your gender identity.

our mission

good light is beauty beyond the binary. we are focused on moving culture forward by promoting a more inclusive definition of beauty through product and purpose. we strive to reflect the diversity and fluidity of the world we live in today.

our product

Our products are formulated to be clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably produced because it’s better for you and our world.

This means adhering to the EU’s standards of clean (1300 banned ingredients), being kind to our animal neighbors, only sourcing sustainable ingredients, and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

our ingredients

All of the ingredients we formulate with are clean and non-toxic, and made with sensitive skin in mind. That means no harmful ingredients are included in any of our products. These include BPAs, parabens, mercury, microbeads, mineral oils, oxybenzone, phthalates, and a whole lot more.

All of our products have also been through thorough testing at CPT Labs, the elite testing service that’s become an industry standard. each of the vigorous trials were patch-tested in what’s called RIPT testing. patches with our products were applied 3x a week for 9 applications on people from a representative sample. on a scale from 0 (no visible skin reaction) to 4 (severe), good light products tested at 0. The testing concluded that our products indicated no potential for dermal irritation or allergic contact sensitization.